hi, I’m laura!

One of my greatest joys in life is when I feel genuinely connected to other people. One of the most significant sources of this for me is the Internet. I am so grateful for the teachings of others who have so courageously posted about their personal lives with the intent of serving and inspiring others to take positive action and create meaningful changes in their own.

As I embark on this journey into the Blogosphere, my great hope is to weave together an overarching paradigm of positivity through a variety of  posts which I feel compelled to write and share with the world. My intent is that the content will add value to the lives of those who come across it, whether it is through humour, entertainment, learning, growth, or inspiration on some level. I am powered by my own personal experiences and stories, rough edges which get triggered so that they can be softened, and a calling to express myself on a platform which will allow me to be seen and heard. I feel like I have been on a constant crusade for compassion, for self and others, for presence, openness, awareness, acceptance, and resilience, to allow myself and those around me the comfort of knowing that they are never alone, and that it is never too late to make another choice.

Upon emerging from a fog of, at times – more often than I would like to admit – crippling self-loathing, which had me held captive for a significant part of my life, I have learned ways to relax and have more fun through the peaks and valleys of being a messy, perfectly imperfect human being. I have often felt like I do not fit in anywhere while simultaneously feeling like I am genuinely able to connect with anyone. This continues to be an interesting contrast of experiences that I regularly grapple with.

Limiting beliefs and old, tired stories of “I’m scared and I’m not good enough” are truly becoming boring. These stories may never fully go away. However, I work hard to pay attention to and focus my awareness on them, so that they can be challenged and I can then make empowering choices which allow me to break through blocks and reach higher levels of happiness and confidence, to live, love, and share an extraordinarily ordinary life.

Thanks for stopping by <3.


*As with anything, please take that which resonates with you on this site and leave the rest.*